Orlando International Airport

Program Management Services
Paredes Design Consultants provided Design Management & Project Management services for the new Airside 2 & Northeast Terminal Building Expansion. In addition, we assisted with
Architectural Submittal Reviews and CADD Standard Reviews for the following Bid Packages:

  • BP-231 – Employee Parking Facility Projects
  • BP-259 - Airside 2
  • BP-261 – Northeast Terminal Building Expansion
  • BP 265- Airside 2- Site Prep and Foundation
  • BP-266 – Airside 2 Sitework and Related Construction
  • BP 267- Airside 2- Tenant Finish
  • BP 268- Airside 2- Airline Support Systems
  • BP 269- Central Plant Expansion- Airside 2
  • BP-271 – Northeast Landside Improvements
  • BP 272- Airside 1 Swing Gate Conversion
  • BP 274- Landside Upgrade West Hall AGT Station and Escalators & Claim Devices

Paredes Design Consultants other services also entail Public Relations Work and Design Mediation interface.

1995 Master Plan Update-  MCO-Task E

Parades Design Consultants developed “Task E” terminal program requirements  for the 37.5 million enplanement scenario of the South Terminal Complex development.  This critical study produced information that served as a basis for the feasibility study of Phase One.

F.I.S Development Study 1995 Master Plan Team

Paredes Design Consultants Corporation examined current Airside # 4 and Airside # 1 F.I.S. facility processing. The focus of this study was aimed at identifying the critical components that hinder the processing of international passengers.

1993 International Projects

Paredes Design Consultants provided the Design Manager for 7000 passengers (per hour) Federal Inspection Facility at Orlando International Airport. Our firm assisted GOAA staff in developing conceptual studies and presentation to Federal Agencies and Board Members. A variety of different conceptual schemes were developed which included an Airside #2 concept, landside and stand-alone facility between Airside 2 & 4.

Rail Alignment Review

Paredes Design Consultants were involved in several proposed rail routes throughout the airport’s property, station location and preliminary station concepts. Future rail proposals were also examined for concurrence with South Terminal Complex Concept Report as well as airfield impact.

Old McCoy Terminal Reuse Study

Parades Design Consultants studied the feasibility of a remote Five Gate Stand-Alone Terminal. This included preparation of a site plan and a curbside/roadway study. Conceptual plans and sections were developed to identify a possible reuse.

South Terminal Complex Report

Paredes Design Consultants performed planning and conceptual designs for MCO's new 100 gate South Terminal Complex. This tasks included planning for a Centralized Landside Terminal design, Architectural Programming requirements and Future Rail interface concept. Paredes Design Consultants managed team members in developing and producing the South Terminal Complex Report which included all of the following components and tasks:

•Development of a new 40 gate International Airside terminal with a curbside to accommodate sub orbital aircraft being developed
•Develop MAGLEV Rail Station Design Concept Interface
•Planning for New Centralized Retail Mall in the airport
•New 7,000 passengers per/hr Federal Inspection Facility
•Served as the General Consultant's main interface on all F.I.S., and Federal Projects
•Developed New Rental Car Facility & Ground transportation concepts
•Assisted with P.F.C. and State Grant applications
•Conducted Compliance Reviews on Master Planning efforts
•Identified conflicts and develop alternative solutions
•Develop more efficient facility layouts & prototypes
• Senior Aesthetic Advisor for all Facility Improvements
•Assist with Domestic and International Marketing efforts









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