improving the functionality of governments.........
World Government

The World Fair Expo has been bringing countries together for over a century. On one common site, participating Counties gather every ten years to display their people’s culture, aspirations, and vision of the future. Mr. Alexis Paredes helped to develop design parameters and the Master Plan proposal for the site where this important global event took place in 1992 World Fair Expo Seville, Spain.

Federal Government

The Office of Business and Management have identified the need to create a more connected government via new e-government technology. Paredes Design Consultants is currently working with the Chief Technology Officer on pioneering a new system that better connects the U.S. Housing and Urban Development office’s 270 different programs simultaneously. This new technology initiative supports Cabinet Member Mel Martinez’s vision to expand services to more people more efficiently and effectively.

Local Government

Municipal Leaders require innovation, effective legislation, and foreign investments to help them create new jobs and a better living environment for their people. Paredes Design Consultants assists City Governments and County Governments expand their job base by conducting Corporate Relocations, mediating Investor Incentives, assisting in improving Bond Rating, improving Marketing efforts, and soliciting major new investors to the area.

Departmental Agencies and Ministries

Paredes Design Consultants have planned, designed, and supervised the construction of several Federal Inspection Facilities worldwide. Working with the following agencies and authorities, our consultants have provided improved security planning and advanced processing technology to increase facility capacity.

• U.S. Customs Agency
• U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Agency
• U.S. Department of Agriculture
• Airport Authorities
• Transportation Authority

Military Base Reuse

Mr. Paredes provided alternative re-use development planning to convert former military bases into a civilian International Airports. Services included the following areas of development for Torrejon’s Military Base Conversion-Spain and U.S. Naval Training Center- Orlando, Florida.

• Aviation Related Development
• Terminal Area Platform
• Cargo Terminal Development
• Industrial/Commercial Development
• Airline Maintenance Facilities
• INTA- Integration
• New Residential Communities
• New Commercial Business Zones

Municipal Governing Boards

Paredes Design Consultants provides consultants to serve and assist appointed governmental Board members that govern:

• Urban Design and Planning Board
• Zoning Adjustments Board
• Airport Authority Board
• Design Review Board
• Historic Preservation Board
• Advanced Planning School Board
• Financial Planning Board
• Utilities Commissions
• International Business Development Board
• Hispanic Business Initiative Fund Board

Neighborhood and Condominium Associations

Hundreds of self-governing Home Owner Association Board members lack skills and resources to properly manage their communities. Paredes Design Consultants are currently assisting Board members and contracted Property Management companies in improving their;

• Governing Bylaws
• Improving Property Value
• Assets Maintenance and Planning
• Creating Compliance Standards
• Establishing Design Review Boards
• Improving Recording and Financial Methods

World Government
Federal Government
Local Government



Municipal Governments



Neighborhood Associations

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