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Paredes Design Consultants provides assistance to our clients with their facilities expansion and real estate needs. Specific site criteria are developed for a thorough search of target areas.  Site feasibility studies and master planning are performed to insure the viability of development.  Research is undertaken to determine the extent of required infrastructure improvements.  Meetings are held with local planning and zoning officials to obtain ordinances, also to fully understand all site restrictions and the development approval process.  The due diligence efforts of title search, appraisal, environmental assessment, survey and geotechnical analysis are coordinated.  Working closely with Real Estate Attorneys we insure that contractual agreements protect our clients and that property is obtained at or below market value.  After Closing, we offer assistance with presentations to the planning commission and community.  Management of the site and building design efforts insures that our Clients realize their goals in property acquisition.

This potential OCPS High School site includes 10 acres east of the electric operations building and 68 acres immediately north surrounded by residential. The twelve acres just north of the building, with all of the small structures is not included, but might be. The seller would be interested in retaining ownership but providing access down the 10 acres because it is zoned commercial.

Road on right is Park, on south is Ponkan. To get to this from Wekiva, traffic would come out Welch, turn north on Park and then left on Ponkan. City has plans for major improvements to Ponkan, so it should be excellent access.

We must look at school access. One way in and out along commercial property may not be functional. We may want second access to Ponkan to create a loop. It is also possible to look at buying a house to get access to Park Avenue north. We would need to look at impact on that neighborhood.

Civil Engineer has looked at this but does not have recommendations yet. Barring very unusual surprises, it looks doable. We would also have to get the 12 acres just behind the power building.

Reasonable price, say in the $2.5 M range. Site cost (grading) would appear to be a little less than most sites in the area. The main extra cost is likely to be for building access road(s) but that is not the worst thing that could be done at a high school.

Ponkan appears easier to use and has better access, in my opinion, to current students. The Ponkan site would probably be perceived as a more attractive location. Development in this area should be very attractive and older uses will gradually be changed.

Student Assignment clearly recommended Zellwood as the second site both early on and after given the information of this new alternative. However, they are most concerned with trying to find a way to preserve the Hiawassee site. If it stays in the mix, even as a site to follow, they may not be opposed to or may even prefer the Ponkan site.

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