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Paredes Design Consultants have lead studies to improve the level of transportation service from the airport to the convention center and theme park attractions. As a part of multiple Master Planning efforts, our consultants have been asked to design provisions for a state-wide rail system that would include a heavy rail service, a port-to-port rail, and an intra-modal rail concepts that would integrate in the future with the existing airport property. Our studies have assisted our clients in maximizing their current roadway investments by improving their current capacities and planning for future rail integration.

Orlando International Airport

The South Terminal Concept Study was undertaken to determine the alignment of the southern connector road, the Maglev, light- and heavy-rail transit systems on Airport property, and the location of the terminal facilities for the Maglev. It has been anticipated by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority that these components may be developed in advance of the South Terminal Complex.  Therefore, the need to establish alignments for both roadways and future rail transit systems are required to ensure that these systems do not interfere with any of the terminal functions, are indeed compatible, and will be developed in concert with Orlando International Airport.

Three rail systems are being planned for the South Terminal Complex: a heavy high-speed train, a local light-rail system, and the magnetic levitation rail line, Maglev. The high-speed rail is an intrastate passenger system for business and commuter travelers linking Miami, Orlando, and Tampa to the Airport and Port Canaveral. The local light-rail system will serve the local metropolitan area with access to the Airport for passengers and employees. The Maglev is a proposed demonstration project to showcase new magnetic technology with a connection between the South Terminal Complex and a station on International Drive extension.

Rail Station Concept

The Maglev OIA Station will function in a manner similar to existing airside terminals at OIA.  From the beginning of planning, the intention has been to operate the Maglev service in a manner of a connecting airline and to maintain the level of convenience, and service of typical air transfer. This fundamental concept has driven the basic operational characteristics of the station and its design with regard to passenger flow and baggage handling, station facilities, and related costs. Ease of access in intera-modal connections is a crucial element for passenger convenience.

 Additional Transport Systems

Automated Guideway Transport System to connect the North and South Terminals, expanded commercial curbside, and a centralized Rental car facilities were also planned to maximize capacity and ensure a high level of passenger convenience.


MagLev Rail Planning
Heavy Rail Planning
OIA- Roadway Planning

Port-to-Port Rail Planning
Transportation Infrastructure
Automated Guideway Transport
Commercial Curbside Planning
Rent-a-Car Facilities

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