creating peace of mind.............

At Paredes Design Consultants Corporation our business is providing General Consulting Services for expansion projects worldwide. Our firm's innovative planners, expert managers and leading-edge technology make challenges easier by creating new environments which better organize people, property and business practices. Since 1989, our firm's planning consultants have been the essential factor behind the success of numerous major expansion projects throughout the world, totaling billions of dollars in construction.

Our consultants have closely collaborated with client executives to identify and optimize future opportunities for their projects. For over 20 years, Paredes Design Consultants have created value through innovation and managed architectural improvements with our unique staff of professionals that include; planners, program managers, design and construction managers, engineers, architects, technologist, schedulers, cost engineers, inspectors, computer software developers, real estate consultants and community relations experts. By having the ability to inform executives on making more insightful decisions, we have continually improved business outcomes across all enterprises. 

Our Project Management services have proven to be our clients trusted source in overcoming their biggest challenges. We present innovative ideas to market more successfully while maintaining capital efficiencies. Our projects experience includes; airports, convention centers, retail facilities, rental car facilities, educational facilities, theme park developments, hotel resorts and transportation. We understand the importance of leadership, innovation and agility in such a competitive global environment. By examining existing and future asset growth opportunities, Paredes Design Consultants' leverage creativity while assisting clients in targeting their goals. This has enable our clients to better accommodate changes in business and see their concepts successfully manifest into reality. Below are examples where our consultants have made a difference.

Reach for Success.........
When Major Airlines decided that they needed
more efficient ways to serve their customers worldwide and reduce their cost of doing business, they reached for Paredes Design Consultants' new Self-service Deployment Solutions to modernize their facilities system wide.

Image and Perception..........
Shareholders recognize the value of keeping their investment current and attractive.
Rock Café contracted Paredes Design Consultants to help revitalize the image all their theme restaurants facilities worldwide with new innovative concepts.

A New World Attraction.........
To develop Orlando's newest three billion dollar theme park, the best minds in the industry were required. Paredes Design Consultants was contracted as an extension of Universal Studio's staff to develop Universal's Islands of Adventure in Florida.

Preserving the Investment.........
Maintaining the "Universal Brand" worldwide was a major concern for Universal Studios Creative and its shareholders. Paredes Design Consultants delivered Phase I attraction services for Universal's new Port Aventura's theme park in Spain.

Stretching the Dollar.........
While many are hoping to increase the Education budget in Florida for new schools, Paredes Design Consultants are working towards creating more practical and economical educational facilities.

Identify Obstructions and Plan for Success.........
On a $600 million dollar school renovation program, several questions have arisen concerning the project scope, budget, and schedule. Paredes Design Consultants' Project Validation Services provide the client with the truth behind the data to avoid jeopardizing the project's success.

Making a Difference.........
Our proven staff of business planners, architects, engineers, technologist and specialty consultants offer our clients the expertise their projects demand as they strive to successfully complete their goals.




Real Estate
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